Monday, June 7, 2010

His Face II

His mistress said the first step would be the hardest, and she was right. Once I had both feet firmly planted on his stomach it was easy. 

I am no pixy, but he seemed happy, almost giddy to have my full weight planted on his abdomen.

I cautiously lifted my right foot and moved it up to his chest.  Shifted my weight to the right and moved my left foot to his chest too.  A glance down to gauge his reaction.  Breathing shallowly and blissed out.  I shift down to stand on his thighs.  He takes a deep breath, still lost in his own world.

I shift carefully back to his stomach.  I like this spot the best.  His stomach is soft and squishy.  He's not fat, but the area between the ribcage and the pelvis is just fleshy without any bones under my feet.  It's soft and weird to walk on, but also nice.  The sensation is not entirely unlike walking on a trampoline, but with more organs.

I check in with him, and he guides my feet left foot to rest on his collar bone.  The outer edge of my foot rests just at on the base of his windpipe.  He can still breath like this, but only just.  If I shift a hair to the left...

I slide back to safer territory and check in again. "Please step on my face."

Is he serious?

I dance around on his body some more, contemplating.  He looks so happy, so peaceful, so blissed out.  I want to keep him in the moment, to experience even  more for myself.

"O.K. Show me."

I stand on his chest and he guides my left foot over his forehead and eyes.  My right foot goes over his mouth and chin.  

Holy shit.  I am standing on his face.  His face!

I take a deep breath, count to ten and step gently onto his chest, his stomach, the floor. 

We are done, and neither of us can wipe the grin off of our faces.

I wrote the previous version of this encounter first, but decided it was a bit dull.  I almost trashed it and went with this version, but I hesitated because I do appreciate when blogger explain things a bit.  Cryptic vignettes can be hot and all, but they aren't the reason I, personally, read blogs.  I like the back story.  The whys and wherefores.  But, that may just be me.  I don't believe that my blog has much of a readership at the time of this posting, but if you encounter this post in the future please do weigh in on whether you like one version better than the other.  Cheers, E.

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