Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Front Door

I open the door for him, and he steps inside, slightly damp from the warm rain.  I haven't even shut the door before I am in his arms, and his mouth finds mine.  His kisses are demanding.  His teeth nip at my lips. I kick the door shut behind me.

His teeth latch onto the muscle at the top of  my shoulder, and I squeal a little bit as they close down, hard.  Another kiss and he's pulling my dress over my head.  I lift my arms compliantly.  He orders me out of my panties, and I sigh and then squeak in protest as his mouth and fingers close on my nipples.  First gently, then hard.

He straightens up and wraps my hair around his fingers, pushing me to my knees.


I have no idea how he's freed his cock from his pants without my noticing, but there it is hard, and bobbing in my face.  I open my mouth, and he slides it all the way in, taking hold of my hair with both hands and fucking my face violently.  I choke and gag.  Saliva flows freely down my chin, down his balls.  I focus on breathing, on not drowning in my own spit, on letting him use me.

When he's done with my mouth he pushes my face to the floor.

Crack.  He slaps my bare ass, hard, and I moan, then scream as I realize he is not letting up.  There's no warm up tonight, just pain.

He pauses, but it's only to collect his favorite canes.  I feel a rain of blows all over my back and ass.  He's using his acrylic cane, and it stings horribly even though he is keeping the blows light.  I bite my fist to stifle some of the high pitched little whimpering noises that are escaping from my mouth.

My pussy is swollen and wet by now, hungry for his touch. He pauses the beating to slides two fingers inside of me, and I moan in pleasure and relief as he strokes my g-spot.

Crack.  He's back to slapping my ass.  Hard stinging blows that make me cry out against my will and bring tears to my eyes.  I am wriggling now.  I can't help it, and he is holding me down with his left hand as he smacks me with his right.

He stands up, and I breath a sigh of relief before I hear the swish of the carbon fiber cane as it cuts through the air above my upturned ass. I hear the swish again just before it connects, raising an angry red line on my skin and making me scream in pain.  He strikes me over and over again all over my back and ass.  I'm openly weeping now.  Crying in between cane strokes and screams of pain.

There is no pretence of punishment.  He wants to hurt me, and I want him to.  I can't see his face with my own face resting on my living room floor, but I know what it looks like when he hits me--cool, focused, lost in his own world.

I'm gone down the rabbit hole now.  It doesn't occur to me to stop him.  There is no room in my head for such thoughts.  The only thought in my head is to hold on just a little bit longer.  To get through the next moment and then the next.

And, then, as suddenly as it began, it's over.  He leads me to the bedroom and holds me and strokes me gently while I collect myself.  Before I know it we are laughing, and then fucking, and then laughing while fucking.

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