Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I saw the other boyfriend last night.  We actually had a really nice evening, with excellent sushi and orgasms all around.  But, as far as our usual BDSM play, we were a total fail.  Or, rather, I was a total fail.  I just wasn't feeling it.  I played along for awhile in the hope that I might get in the mood if I just went with things for a bit.  It's been known to work before.  But, not so much last night.

I was ok with the bites on my shoulders and back, with the slaps on my ass and back, but the cane and paddle were just too much for me, and when he went for the inner thighs I lost my cool completely. My inner thighs are insanely sensitive, and I just couldn't handle that pain last night.  I was about half a second from calling it all off, and I must have looked it too because he switched from trying to bite/slap my thighs to fingering my pussy.

Lately, I've been really into penetration.  Fingers, dildos, cocks.  I want them all, especially the cocks.  I enjoy the feeling of fingers stroking my g-spot, but recently I have been all about the good old fashioned finger fucking (when I can't get a cock that is).  I love the feel of a hand slamming into my vulva over and over again as fingers stroke the length of my cunt.

I stroked my clit while he fingered me.  I thought I might squirt from all the g-spot action, but we were on the bed, and I have hang ups about gushing all over the sheets.  Still, I had a nice orgasm.

And, after I recovered from the orgasm he fucked me long and hard while I lay flat on my stomach.  First in my puss than in my ass.  Flat isn't my favorite position for vaginal penetration, but I love it for anal.  I adore the feeling of being pinned underneath a man while he just pounds away at my ass until he comes.  I love feeling like my only responsibility is to lie there and take it.  I love feeling used that way.

I didn't come from the fucking, so I grabbed my Wahl (always plugged in at my bedside) to finish myself off.  He fingered me again until his hand cramped up, and we grabbed my favorite g-spot dildo to finish the job.  I had to call in the heavy reinforcements for that second orgasm (my most powerful vibrator and most intense dildo), but it was definitely worth it.  I had an awesome orgasm that made my full body spasm and twitch for what felt like ages even though it was probably more like 30 seconds.

The evening was far from a wash, but I am always left confused and frustrated on those night that the things I normally enjoy, that I enjoyed last week, just don't work for me.

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