Saturday, June 5, 2010

Morning Depravity

I woke up to this in my inbox this morning:

"Good morning, my slut.

I was reading some of the blogs you linked to on your own, and thought that this might be hot.  Read through it, and if you follow through, it will be a very good wakeup call for me.  It will please me very much if you do.

You're already naked for me.  Convenient that you sleep that way, your body unprotected and open for me.  Your mouth, your pussy, and your ass all accessible and within reach.  Your soft breasts ready for whatever I have in store. Get the purple plug and some boy butter.  Oh, and get your cell phone handy.  You'll need them soon.
I want you to present yourself for me.  Even though I'm not there, I want you to kneel in the middle of the bed, and then put your head down.  Present your ass: reach back and spread the cheeks apart with your hands.  Arch your back so that your ass is high up, your forehead digging into the mattress.  Think of me standing beside the bed, admiring the view.  Walking around you, but not touching you.  Not yet.

Think of me admiring your new body decorations.  The cross-hatch marks on your ass, the bruises on your calves.

Stay like that for five minutes, slut.  Just thinking of me looking down upon your body, preparing to use you as I please.  After five minutes, I want you to force the plug inside.  Don't be gentle.  I would not be gentle this early in the morning.  Especially if it was my cock, and not a plug, that I was inserting into your quivering ass.  I would thrust inside you in one motion.  As your ass started to give in to the pressure of the head of my cock, my hips would thrust forward and make you take the rest.  Do that with the plug--just like I would my cock.

Keep your ass up high.  The perfect height for me to fuck from behind.  Your forehead pushed down, your mouth screaming into the mattress.  Fantasize about how I would fuck you.  How I would pull out of your ass after I was done and use my belt on your tender flesh.

Masturbate for me, slut.  Touch yourself.  Work your fingers inside your cunt, first, pushing against the plug in your ass.  Now touch your clit.

Don't fucking move any part of your body but your hand down to your pussy.  Keep kneeling.  Your ass and cunt presented to the world.  Presented for rough sex.  For use as my personal sex toy.  You are my slut.

You may not cum without my permission. Call me when you're so close that your cunt is dripping down your thighs, and be sure to ask sweetly."

It's been a very good morning so far.

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