Friday, June 11, 2010

Airport run

"Hi, baby.  My plane just landed."

"Great.  I just have to do one last thing, and I will be right there."

"Ok, I love you."

"I love you too."

I check the mirror.  Hair, make-up, clothes.  Check, check, check.  The house is clean, the bed is made and there is wine chilling in the fridge.

Only one thing left to do. I grab some lube, pull down my pants and bend myself over the bed.  I contemplate the fat purple pug for a moment before I lube it up and press it firmly against my ass.  Deep breath, and then I push it in slowly but firmly until I feel my ass clamp down on the narrow neck.

Exhale. I stand up gingerly and pull my pants back over my hips.  Time to get to the airport.

In the car, the seat cushions grind the plug deeper into my ass, and breaking is...interesting.

I pick the boyfriend up from in front of baggage claim and we steal a quick kiss before the guys directing traffic can scold us for waiting at the curb.

As we drive he notices my shifting and wiggling.  I can't help it.  The plug is driving me crazy.  I've never understood the people who claim that plugs get more comfortable with time.  My poor ass, just feels more and more tender with time.

"Are you really wearing the plug, baby."

"Of course.  You asked me to."

"Hmm, that's hot."

He teases me for the rest of the drive.  Laughing at my wriggling and squirming.

When we get home he kisses me deeply in the living room then pulls me quickly into the bedroom.  We are naked in no time.

"I think I'll fuck your ass.  Since you've been wearing that plug for an hour, I don't think I'll need to be gentle."

I whine a bit, but don't object as he bends me over the bed, plugged ass sticking up for his viewing pleasure.  He grabs the base and yanks it out firmly.  I moan as I feel my asshole stretch over the widest part of the plug and snap closed again.

My relief is short lived, though, as he immediately plunges his cock balls deep into my tenderized anus.  Making me scream in surprise and pain. I bite down on a handful of comforter to muffle my screams and moans as he ups the tempo of the ass fucking, pounding me harder and faster, wringing scream after scream from my throat.

Part of my brain is screaming at me to throw myself forward, to try and escape from the brutal ass pounding that feels like it is going to rip me in two.  But, the rest of me can't deny the mounting evidence that the pounding is turning me on.

My cunt is practically dripping onto the bedspread.

I desperately hold onto the bed, and try to ride out the rest of the fucking.  Crying into the comforter as he slams into me again and again, stretching my tender asshole over and over with his cock.

He finally comes with a yell and collapses on top of my back for a moment, cock swelling and pulsing inside of me. I savor the feeling of his weight pinning me to the bed and the little moans that escaped me as his cock twitches inside my brutalized ass.

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