Sunday, September 26, 2010


I had a crazy, deviant fantasy today. I was driving around town, dealing with the minutia of life when it suddenly occurred to me that I would really like to get fucked, but not just any sort of fucked. No. I want to be fucked in the way that is frequently refered to as "making love*."

Are you gagging yet? I am. But, that was the best phrase I could come up with to describe this little daydream of mine.

This fantasy doesn't include spanking or biting or ropes or clamps or any pain at all really.  In it no one slaps me, gags me or calls me a slut.  No one fucks me until I scream, and there is always plenty of lube and more than adequate warm up for all penetration.

Basically this fantasy I have involves sweet, gentle sex.

And, it feels strange and deviant even though I am pretty sure that I was raised to believe that this new vagary of mine is the ultimate in sex. But, the truth is that it's been so long since I've had a fantasy like this that I am just not sure what to make of it.

I feel vaguely dirty. But, I think I like it.

*I despise the patronizing way that the phrase "making love" is so often used to exert the superiority of those who like their sex syrupy rather than spicy.  Sweet is a legitimate sexual preference, so is hot.  Get over yourselves already.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010



John picked me up after work, but I couldn't fuck him right away because we had to go beach chair shopping. Seriously, beach chairs of all things. 

Once we got home, though, I attacked him.  I was planning to drag him to the bedroom and ride his cock, but he pushed me to the floor to suck his dick first.  I was sort of like, "But, wait...oh,well. Cock!"

So, I sucked his cock until he bent me over the couch, yanked my shorts down and plunged his cock into my pussy.  After that we retired to the bedroom where we proceeded to fuck like bunnies for 45 min.  I would have sworn it was more like 20, but the clock disagreed.

When he was done fucking me, John fingered my pussy while I used my vibrator until I came so hard I was literally dizzy.  It was kind of awesome.

Much later on we were watching Star Trek (Shut Up! We so are cool.), and he pushed my head down to suck his cock again.  I did that for a few minutes before I climbed up and straddled him on the couch.  Sadly, our squishy couch doesn't provide much leverage, so we headed back to the bedroom for a few more rounds of fucking.

My favorite part was the moment he came in my cunt while fucking me from behind and then just kept fucking me.  After he came, if you had asked me if I wanted more sex, I would have said no. Emphatically. But somehow it was fantastic to feel him continue sliding in and out of my pussy while I whimpered and moaned underneath him.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I had a mild case of bacterial vaginosis last week ( I know what you are thinking.  A post about infected vagina. Yick!  [Unless that's your thing. In which case, I have to disapoint you beacuse it wasn't very impressive, just kinda itchy.]).

Annnyway, as I was saying, bacterial vaginosis, which was quickly cleared up thanks to an antibiotic prescription.  But, the antibiotic cream came with a prohibition against vaginal sex and the use of "intravaginal" products such as tampons and douches and presumably dildos and fingers and my pretty, pretty Pure Wand, which I have barely even used.

And, people, this is driving me insane. There was once a time in my life when I ranked vaginal penetration somewhere between meh and ouch!  That time has passed, though.  These days I get kind of squirmy and possibly grumpy when no one fucks my pussy for awhile.

(Aside: I once cried like with full on tears in a bad way because the other boyfriend decided to fuck with me by not fucking me when he knew I was dying for it.  How sad is that? Apparently PIV sex denial is some sort of hard limit for me?)

And, the cream itself is making the situation worse.  It's just that it's all creamy and moist and just there all day.  I feel like I am wet all the time, and feeling like I am wet all the time makes me think of sex all the time.  This might be awesome except for the part where I am not supposed to have the PIV sex.

Of course, there are other kinds of sex, and John and I have indeed partaken of many of those other kinds of sex.  Just yesterday, I sucked his cock until it was good and hard and he pinned me to the bed and fucked my ass with his arm wrapped around my throat.

After he came, I grabbed my vibrator, but he rallied, and I took him up on his offer to fuck my ass again, this time on my knees and elbows.  I screamed and whimpered, and he pounded my ass until we both came hard.  Then I licked and bit his nipples while he jerked himself off because the man is a freakin' machine, and my ass was not at all up for another round.

That kept my mind off of my pussy for an hour or so.

But, last night was my last dose of antibiotics, and it's almost the end of the work day...

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Last week I flew into John's small Midwestern city to help him pack-up his apartment and drive the contents the thousand miles or so to my house. He picked me up at the adorably wee airport, and before I knew it we had plans to meet up with his play partner.

Summer showed up looking freshly showered and slightly nervous. But, John didn't let things get awkward.  He had her clothes off and a blindfold on her, and it was no time at all before she was bent over the bed, wrist cuffed behind her back, ass propped up for a spanking.

He spanked her ass and admired the bruises left behind from their last play time.  Then he lubed up the Pure plug and slid it into her ass.  She made the best little moaning and whimpering noises as he did that. Then she squirmed around delightfully as he spanked and caned and flogged her and used the Hitachi to make her beg to come.

I particularly enjoyed watching Summer suck John's cock. She looked so pretty on her knees with his cock in her mouth. I felt like I was getting my own private porn show.

Of course, that didn't last long before John decided I needed to get in on the action.  He really, really likes it when I gag on his cock.  We demonstrated that trick of mine for a bit, and before long he was gripping my hair while cum oozed down my throat.

I retreated to the bed to catch my breath and John went to work tying Summer's wrists over the bedroom door.  He caned her until I was wincing in sympathy, but I think she only really hated him when he flicked the dragon's tongue against her back.

John pulled her down from the door and pushed her face down onto the bed.  He fucked her from behind while she licked my pussy.  It was her first experience going down on a girl, but she was a natural.  I like an extremely gentle touch on my clit so her long, soft tongue strokes were perfect for me.
 After I finally came, we all cuddled on the bed for awhile before Summer had to go off to bed at a responsible hour. It was kind of an awesome way to blow into town.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I'm just checking in to let you all know that I am still alive and well.  I have been off busily gathering blog fodder for your reading pleasure, and I will eventually get around to writing about my recent kinky exploits (hint: threesomes!).

John has officially been dragged across seven states back to my lair. Once we find a way to cram his accompanying plethora of power cords and coffee mugs into my very adorable, but very small, house, I promise we will get back to sex and blogging.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Perfect Blow Job

First he ties a harness around my chest with rope, emphasizing my small breasts and providing a point to strap my wrists down behind my back.  Next comes the leather collar around my neck.  When he buckles it in place, it forces my neck straight, my chin up. I feel the bindfold slide over my eyes, and I move into darkenss.

He pushes me on to my knees on the floor than presses my torso forward onto the bed.  I have to trust him to move my body safely, and I feel wildly vulnerable as he guides my body with his hands.

His fingers work their way down to my ass, prying me open and forcing their way inside of me. The cold, lube-slicked ball of the ass hook presses against my anus, stretching it painfully until it enters my ass with a pop. I sigh in relief until I I feel his fingers tangle in my hair. He wraps the rope around the hair in his fist and pulls my head back as far as the collar will allow, tying the rope off to the hook in my ass.

I feel his fingers on my lips and I open my mouth obediently.  I taste the metallic tang of the ring gag an instant before he forces it between my teeth.  It forces my jaw uncomfortably wide and the straps bite into my face as he buckles it behind my head.

I am trapped on my knees with my head forced back, collard, blindfolded, gagged.

I hear the rattle of a small chain the instant before the clamps bite into the sensitive flesh of my nipples.  I scream a little, but it does me no good.

"Awe. Does that hurt?"

I moan in response.

"Good.  You're going to suffer for me, slut."

His cock enters my mouth, then my throat.  I gag and choke and struggle for breath, but there is nothing I can do.  I am completely under his control.

He slides his cock down the back of my throat and holds my nose.  I struggle not to panic and fail.  He grabs my hair to hold me in place, and I feel the hook shift deep within my ass.

"That's right.  Take my cock like a good little slut."

I try to relax.  To be his good little slut.  To let him fuck my throat as he would my pussy, and I am rewarded with a moment to gasp for breath before he plunges his cock down my throat again.

My knees hurt from the hard floor.  The rope bites into my breasts and my shoulders pull from the way my wrists are twisted up behind my back.  My neck aches from the sharp angle, but pulling forward merely rocks the hook forced deep inside of my ass.  My nipples radiate pain through my entire chest from the clamps, and my jaw burns from being being forced open so wide. The leather straps on the gag bite into the sides of my mouth.  I can't properly swallow, so the spit is coating his cock and running down his balls, my face.

It is an agonizing position, but I love the way it makes me feel like his little cock sucking slut. I think only about pleasing him, about breathing around his cock and forcing my body to endure the position.

It turns me on to know that he is enjoying my suffering as his thrusts open up my throat and make me gag until my whole body convulses around his cock. Enjoying it as he reaches down to pull the chain connecting my nipple clamps until I scream and choke with his cock still buried in the back of my throat.

I like knowing that he is going to fuck my mouth until he empties his balls down my throat and I swallow every last drop of his come.  I like knowing that I will be a nothing but a mess of pain and spit and tears and desire when he is done with me.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Wartenberg pinwheel review

The Wartenberg pinwheel is a fun little toy for sensation play.  The wheel itself has about two dozen spiky "pins" that manage to feel quite prickly without being sharp enough to easily puncture skin. 

The spiked wheel rotates quite freely on it's axis. So, the tips can be dragged extremely lightly and quickly over the skin to create a slightly tickly sensation.  Or, they can be dragged hard and slow (or hard and fast) for a more intense sensation, which some people say feels like being cut with a sharp blade.  I don't really agree that it feels quite that intense, but I've never done any intentional cutting, so I might not be the best authority on the subject.

It is possible that you could break the skin with this toy, but you would have to press extremely hard to do so.  The Wartenberg wheel was originally designed by a doctor (Dr. Wartenberg, if you can believe it.) to test nerve response, so it is meant to create intense sensations without causing damage to the skin. 

I find that if I press hard as I roll it, the wheel leaves a line of tiny red dots on my skin that last for a few hours.  But, it feels like I would have to put quite a bit more muscle behind it if I wanted to see blood.

And, speaking of bodily fluids, the wheel appears to made from stainless steel, so it should be easy to sanitize between users if necessary. Bleach or boiling water should do the trick, or soap and water if you just need to do some everyday cleaning. Obviously, make sure to dry it off, so it does not rust.

Honestly, the only thing that I really dislike about this toy is the little plastic pouch it comes in.  The pouch really isn't sturdy enough to hold up to use as long-term storage for the sharp and pointy pinwheel. And, you really are going to want some sort of decent cover for this toy, since you don't want it floating around unprotected in your toy box waiting to poke your fingers or scratch your other toys.

Otherwise this is a nice toy, appropriate for anyone who wants to experiment with new sensations.

This toy was provided to me free of charge by Eden Fantasys in exchange for an honest product review.