Saturday, May 29, 2010

His Face

Recently, I stepped on a man's face. 

On purpose.

It was awesome.

I went to this party with the other boyfriend, you see.  And, there was a couple demonstrating trampling.  They were cute, happy, enjoying themselves immensely. 

I was fascinated.  I hadn't realized you could just stand on someone's stomach without doing actual, serious damage.  Shouldn't organs rupture or something?  I mean the trampler was not a large woman by any standard, but she was no wispy Japanese masseuse either.

At the end she asked for volunteers to walk on her friend.  A few small women volunteered.  He bounced a willowy redhead up and down with his stomach muscles while she giggled appreciatively.

Then a fat fetishist, who proudly announced that she weighed 418 lbs, asked if she could stand on him.  He agreed with enthusiasm.  Fascinating.

Later on, the other boyfriend was busy providing aftercare to the pretty girl he had just beaten black and blue, and I wandered downstairs to the "dungeon." I stopped on the landing to survey the scene and found myself looking directly down on Mistress M.  She was standing on her friend and she seemed to genuinely want me to take a turn stepping on him.  So, I did.

It was a crazy feeling.  I was wildly nervous.  I am not a petite woman.  While I do weigh significantly less than 418lbs, I am 5'9 with plenty of padding, and I certainly could not be called small or light.   But it was beyond cool to stand on this man, to feel his flesh give way beneath my bare feet and watch the blissful look that spread across his face.

I'm generally a nervous top, so I felt the need to check in often.  Every time I asked how he was doing, he asked me to step on his face.  My brain could not even comprehend how this would be a good idea. 

But it was so awesome, and he was so happy, so sure of what he wanted that I decided to give it a try.  He guided my feet for me, one at a time.  Left foot over his forehead and eyes, right foot over his mouth and chin. I was balancing the the full weight of my body on his face.  His face!  I counted to ten, took a deep breath, and moved carefully back to his torso and then the ground.  We were both grinning like fools.  He thanked me, and I moved away to let the next girl have her turn.

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