Friday, May 28, 2010


In my first post I listed some of the kinky shit I've done.  Floggings with bondage, multiple partners, group spankings.  I think I am trying to work up my sex blogger credibility here.  I seem to think that a blogger should have a voice of wisdom.  All of the sex bloggers whom I admire most seem to speak from places of vast experience.  They all seem to have tried, and loved, things I never even thought of before I read their blog--fire play, flesh hooking, wild orgies (O.K., so, I had thought of orgies, but I've never been to one).

I'm not sure that I have a voice of wisdom.  I am just starting out in the world of kink, the world of sex really.  Technically, I have been having sex for a decade, but I feel like I have only just started to discover what sex can be.  What my body (and mind) is capable of.

I am wildly in love with this exploration, but I have my moments of doubt, of pain, of fear and anxiety.  I am always reading blog posts on the transcendent moments of kink and BDSM.  I am just starting to appreciate these moments.  But, the bad, sad and just plain strange moments seem just as important to me as the transcendent moments right now.

So, I don't see myself doling out expert advice on this blog.  But, for reasons I don't yet understand, I want to talk about these starting out moments.  And, well, there is just not a lot of opportunity for that in my daily life. So, Hi, Internet! Welcome to my sex life!

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