Wednesday, August 11, 2010



John picked me up after work, but I couldn't fuck him right away because we had to go beach chair shopping. Seriously, beach chairs of all things. 

Once we got home, though, I attacked him.  I was planning to drag him to the bedroom and ride his cock, but he pushed me to the floor to suck his dick first.  I was sort of like, "But, wait...oh,well. Cock!"

So, I sucked his cock until he bent me over the couch, yanked my shorts down and plunged his cock into my pussy.  After that we retired to the bedroom where we proceeded to fuck like bunnies for 45 min.  I would have sworn it was more like 20, but the clock disagreed.

When he was done fucking me, John fingered my pussy while I used my vibrator until I came so hard I was literally dizzy.  It was kind of awesome.

Much later on we were watching Star Trek (Shut Up! We so are cool.), and he pushed my head down to suck his cock again.  I did that for a few minutes before I climbed up and straddled him on the couch.  Sadly, our squishy couch doesn't provide much leverage, so we headed back to the bedroom for a few more rounds of fucking.

My favorite part was the moment he came in my cunt while fucking me from behind and then just kept fucking me.  After he came, if you had asked me if I wanted more sex, I would have said no. Emphatically. But somehow it was fantastic to feel him continue sliding in and out of my pussy while I whimpered and moaned underneath him.

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