Saturday, August 7, 2010


Last week I flew into John's small Midwestern city to help him pack-up his apartment and drive the contents the thousand miles or so to my house. He picked me up at the adorably wee airport, and before I knew it we had plans to meet up with his play partner.

Summer showed up looking freshly showered and slightly nervous. But, John didn't let things get awkward.  He had her clothes off and a blindfold on her, and it was no time at all before she was bent over the bed, wrist cuffed behind her back, ass propped up for a spanking.

He spanked her ass and admired the bruises left behind from their last play time.  Then he lubed up the Pure plug and slid it into her ass.  She made the best little moaning and whimpering noises as he did that. Then she squirmed around delightfully as he spanked and caned and flogged her and used the Hitachi to make her beg to come.

I particularly enjoyed watching Summer suck John's cock. She looked so pretty on her knees with his cock in her mouth. I felt like I was getting my own private porn show.

Of course, that didn't last long before John decided I needed to get in on the action.  He really, really likes it when I gag on his cock.  We demonstrated that trick of mine for a bit, and before long he was gripping my hair while cum oozed down my throat.

I retreated to the bed to catch my breath and John went to work tying Summer's wrists over the bedroom door.  He caned her until I was wincing in sympathy, but I think she only really hated him when he flicked the dragon's tongue against her back.

John pulled her down from the door and pushed her face down onto the bed.  He fucked her from behind while she licked my pussy.  It was her first experience going down on a girl, but she was a natural.  I like an extremely gentle touch on my clit so her long, soft tongue strokes were perfect for me.
 After I finally came, we all cuddled on the bed for awhile before Summer had to go off to bed at a responsible hour. It was kind of an awesome way to blow into town.

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