Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some thoughts on porn

Once upon a time, John and I spent a very long day driving past such scenic sights as vast cattle feedlots and slaughterhouses. We followed this with a meal in a diner that offered a selection of fine, fine boxed wines.

As you can probably imagine, we were more than happy to retreat to our cheap motel room and watch some cable while lounging in bed. And, that's when we accidentally discovered the hottest porn I have ever seen. Intriguingly, it was an episode of HBO's Real Sex featuring a lesbian oil wrestling party.  

Now, in general, I seem to be a pretty heterosexual female, and "girl on girl" action generally doesn't do much for me. This segment was just fucking hot, though. It was just footage of "real" women (i.e. no fake boobs, fake hair or fake tans) writhing and wrestling in vast quantities of olive oil. 

They specified that the oil was olive.  Maybe it had some sort of sapphic significance?

Anyway, it was just ridiculously hot to see all these human bodies slicked down with oil and tangled together. I don't recall that there was even much genital contact or anything that would more traditionally be called sex. Still, it was the by far the sexiest porn I've ever seen.

I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that it just looked so real.  I am sure their were elements of choreography, but overall everyone seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves immensely. Enjoying the wrestling and getting a sexual charge from it.  

But, the lighting, camera work and editing was professional, so the experience of watching wasn't marred by grainy picture quality or crappy camera angles the way amateur porn so often is. 

Maybe what I want from porn is amateur enthusiasm mixed with professional production values?  Does anyone make this?  I am typing this in the middle of a black out, so I can't check. but maybe tomorrow...

As an aside: Fatale Media produced a full length pornographic movie called Take Her Down! based on the premise of this oil wrestling party.  I was so taken with the Real Sex episode that I bought the DVD for John for his birthday. Sadly, I found it really disappointing overall.  It had an odd story line that I never quite followed and a distinct lack of the sexy oil-slicked, writhing masses that had attracted me in the first place.  It did however have a really hot strap-on shower scene that we both quite enjoyed and which inspired our own very hot shower blow job scene.

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