Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I'm finally back from my summer travels.  It was a great trip.  I always enjoy hanging out with my fellow science nerds, and any meeting where most of the real action happens over drinks is a winner in my book.

I also got to hang out with the boyfriend for a few days, which was lovely.  We sampled some bourbon, visited a  really, really big cave, took in some fireworks and played tourist in a pretty city that I had never explored before.

And, of course, we had lots of awesome sex.  I scored a great deal on some Njoy toys before I left town, and much fun was had playing with my new pure wand and plug.

But, overall the sex was pretty vanilla.  I enjoyed it quite a bit, but I find vanilla sex a bit boring to write about.  So, no juicy new sex posts just yet.

I just haven't been feeling terribly submissive lately. I can't seem to get to that happy place where the painful pinches and blows really, really turn me on.  The pinches and slaps and whatnot just seem to hurt lately.  There is no pleasure in the pain, the way there used to be.

I am assuming this is a temporary issue, but I really wish that I had even the slightest idea of what brought on this recent slump.

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